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ELIT PRO PAINTERS produces the beautiful painted cabinets you desire!  And it’s done at roughly 1/3 to 1/5th the cost of getting all new cabinets. Add in our countertops and you’re really set for a big impact makeover!  Our minimally disruptive process comes with an unbeatable warranty too, 5-years, pro-rated, nobody offers better. To see photos of some of our cabinet painting we’ve completed in Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin please scroll to the bottom of this page and then contact us when you’re ready.

As for how it all happens…

We visit you.  During the meeting, we determine your wants and needs and let you know what is possible.  At this time, we also educate you on the process and point out key differences from our competitors.  On top of that, we show you actual samples of our work!  These are not doctored or overly done.  Instead, they are accurate.  In fact, some of these samples are from real jobs in our shop that will be installed in just weeks.   After we answer any additional questions, we take information with us and write up a proposal off-site.  That’s right, no in-person pressure sales.  Once sent, you’re given time to review it.  Dialogue and revisions occur as needed.   Finally, when you sign, we help you choose a color and run through other logistic questions.  Once that’s done, the rest falls on our team of expert cabinet painters in Milwaukee and Waukesha Wisconsin

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